Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Clinical, biochemical and cytological study of inflamed digital flexor tendon sheath synovial fluid in horse    Ph.D    noori, zahra    2018-12-09
2    The Effect of Cryopreservation on Equine Adipose Tissue Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Features    D.V.M    rezaei, faezeh    2018-10-22
3    The effect of preservation length on equine adipose tissue in room temperature and 4 C in characterizations of the mesenchymal stem cells    D.V.M    khassaf, samira    2018-10-22
4    Pre-purchase radiological survay of tarsal osteochondrosis in sport horses in Iran    D.V.M    jalaeeian, shahrzad    2017-09-18
5    Wedging index refrence range of 3rd and central tarsal bones in arabian race horse    Ph.D    zarezadeh mehrizi, mohammadmahdi    2017-06-12
6    Molecular detection of Treponema in bovine digital dermatitis lesi0ns    D.V.M    Faezi, Marzieh    2016-09-17
7    Relathionship between troponin I and other biomarkers of myocardial injury with concentration of some trace elements and oxidative stress biomarkers in Arabian horse after exercize    Ph.D    pourmohammad, roya    2016-06-01
8    Gene expression of matrix metalloproteinases 1, 2, 9 and 13 in horse's fibroblast treated with doxycycline    Ph.D    ghasemi, samaneh    2016-01-12
9    tissue engineering for the repair of bone critical size defect nonunioun using collagen/PGA scaffold loading with simvastatin in rabbit    Ph.D    Mesgarani, Hooman    2016-01-11
10    Clinical and Clinico-pathological Evaluation of Different Anesthetic Methods Following Co2 Pneumoperitoneum in Dogs        Alipour, Faezeh    2016-01-09
11    Founder distance of front feet in normal Turkmen horses    D.V.M    khaledi, Keramatollah    2015-07-01
12    Serum insulin concentration and insulin resistance in laminitic and osteochonroitic dessicans horses referred to Ferdowsi university of Mashhad teaching hospital    Ph.D    AHMADI, FATEMEH    2015-01-06
13    Evaluation the effects of mastitis on lameness and digital lesions in dairy cows    D.V.M    Motamedi, Negin    2014-02-08
14    Evaluation of horse arthroscopic surgery in arthritis cases refere to the Mashhad Vet School teaching hospital    D.V.M    salaran, masoud    2013-01-15
15    Changing in oxidative stress markers (specific and non-specific) during training and compitation in Torkman horses    D.V.M    khanzadeh, pouria    2013-01-14
16    Muscle relaxant effect on oxidative stress during ovariohysterectomy in dog    D.V.M    Seifi, Bahar    2012-12-01
17    Growth and development status of foals up to 24 month of age of Gonbad Kavoos, Golestan Province    D.V.M    ,    2012-03-14
18    Exercise profile test (blood) during training and competition in Torkeman horses    D.V.M    Ghanbari Nehbandani, Hosein    2012-01-30