numConference TitleDateCity
1the 4th International Symposium of Veterinary Surgery2014-10-21مشهد
24th international symposium of veterinary surgery2014-10-21مشهد
3The 4th International Symposium of Veterinarey Surgery2014-10-21Mashhad
412th Congress of the world equine veterinary association2011-11-02hyderabad
53rd International Symposiun of Veterinary Surgery and 9th Iranian Symposium of Veterinary Surgery, Aesthesia and Radiology2011-04-25کیش
63rd InternationalSymposium of Veterinary Surgery2011-04-25کیش
7دومین سمپوزیوم یبین المللی جراحی دامپزشکی2008-04-21
8دومین سمپوزیوم بین المللی جراحی دامپزشکی2008-04-21کرمان
940th Annual convention of American association of Bovine Practitioners2007-09-20ونکوور